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Our History

At Hynes Benefits, we are proud of our 33 years in financial services industry. We feel so fortunate to have worked with outstanding organizations and mentors whose influence and talents are woven into the fabric of the firm we are today. We have built our career and business on being client focused. Whether you are an Individual, a Business or a Business Owner, we are experienced in plans and solutions that fit a variety of needs.

We feel that we are also unique in that we have a strong background in Health and Welfare group plans which is essential to managing 401(k) plans for businesses. We are adept in working with the Finance and Human Resources Department to provide a range of services that keep you abreast of your plan so you can run your business. We are also very experienced in working with employees. We facilitate employee meetings and one on one sessions so that employees can understand the value and power of your plan for their future goals.

Additionally, we have many years of experience working with individual and businesses to support their financial plans and business goals. We consider ourselves part of your financial services team when you become a client of our firm. As a team, we encourage you to include us with your CPA and attorney to be sure the strategies  we develop with you are designed in unison with your tax and legal requirements.