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Our Values

Integrity - Trust is central to successful financial and business relationships. You rely on your planner’s honesty, professionalism and abilities to pursue your goals. When you know your planner takes his professional obligations seriously and places principles over personal gain, you can form a good working partnership.

Objective Advice -Your needs will be at the heart of all our recommendations. We will use our experience and judgment to carefully consider your situation, and then give you advice that we believe best meets your goals.

Privacy - To get the best results from your financial and business relationship, you need to divulge relevant personal and financial information to your financial  professional on a regular basis. We will keep this information in confidence, only sharing it to conduct business on your behalf, at your consent.

Competence – in our industry, it is essential to continually take educational courses, in addition to degrees and classes we have already completed. It is a changing world and it is essential that you choose representatives and agents who continue to keep up with changes and continue to improve their skills.  We have a high commitment to competence and education which is  demonstrated in the client experience.

Professionalism – In addition to education, proper licensing and certifications support the services and products we offer to you, our client. Professionalism also is demonstrated with core values and ethics.  We hold ourselves to high standards, which has kept us in the financial services business for over 30 years.